Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Happy October! It's feeling a little bit more like fall around here :)
     We got transfer calls on Saturday night and there are a lot of changes! Only Sister Chiang and I and one other companionship are staying the same out of all 20 Visitors' Center sisters! We are getting 4 new sisters from the MTC, sending 4 sisters from the VC out into the full proselyting field, and saying goodbye to Sister Houskeeper. Sister Harper and Fetzer are leaving the VC.. I am going to miss them so much! I have made some of the most beautiful friendships on the mission that I will cherish forever!! I feel like I am saying goodbye to my family when these sisters leave. I am so happy to stay in Berkeley with Sister Chiang and can't wait to see how these changes help all of us grow! I know they are inspired of the Lord and President Frandsen. Out of serving in the VC for a year, this is the peak of how well the sisters are getting along, the Spirit that we feel here, and how unified we are!! After VC training on Thursday, we all did a huge group hug and cried saying goodbye to Sister Houskeeper. It was so special and sweet.
     General Conference was SO perfect. I woke up on Saturday feeling like it was Christmas morning haha! I could just hardly wait to watch it. We got to the Institute and no one was there to set it up, but after my mini panic attack, someone came and I started breathing again. Sunday morning we all had waffles and ate them by the fire. That helped me miss my family a LITTLE bit less. I love knowing we were watching the same thing at the same time :) We watched the rest of the sessions at the Visitors' Center. The Spirit was so strong. My heart was so full. When we sustained President Monson, tears were running down my cheeks and I felt the Spirit confirm that this sweetest man was indeed the PROPHET of the Lord. I just knew it without a doubt. The tears continued to flow as they scanned over all the apostles. I was so proud to raise my right arm and sustain these men. My heart was absolutely filled with gratitude for each one of them. I dont know how many of you saw but at the end of the Sunday morning session, the camera showed President Monson waving to the congregation and the congregation waving back, then he did a big thumbs up :) I love seeing all the faithful saints together listening to our leaders! AH I wish Conference was every weekend haha.
     There were so many talks about missionary work!! WHOO HOO!! This was my last Conference as a full time missionary of the Church. I felt overwhelming peace and a sweet confirmation in my heart that I was exactly where the Lord wanted me! Serving a mission! This is the most important work on the earth, and I am blessed enough to be a part of it here in California. I know that the Lord inspired these men to talk about missionary work to remind all of us how important it is! Many things struck my heart and testimony throughout Conference. I wish I could share everything I learned and everything I loved: the emphasis on prayer, repentance, Heavenly Father's plan of happiness, finding JOY. One doctrinal point that was mentioned countless times is that God is our loving Heavenly Father. How powerful! Out of all things the Lord wants us to know and remember is that we have a Father in Heaven who loves us and we are His children and He knows us by name. So simple, yet so profound. Here is a quote from Elder Nelson about joy that I loved:

"When the focus of our lives is on God’s plan of salvation and Jesus’s gospel, we can feel joy regardless of what is happening—or not happening—in our lives. Joy comes from and because of Him. He is the source of all joy."

     This ward is so fabulous. All we have to do to have a member come to one of our lessons is shoot them a text, "Hey can you come to a lesson?" and they respond, "Sure!! What time?? Which part of the lesson can I teach?" SO AWESOME. Sometimes we have 3-4 members come to a lesson! YAY YSA return missionaries! I am going to be just like them when I get home from my mission. It has really changed my perspective on member missionary work. I have repented of not helping the missionaries before my mission and have committed to be better when I get home!! Especially feeding the missionaries haha.
     We had a great lesson with Mauricio. At the beginning of the lesson, he said he had a lot of questions and we encouraged him to ask as many questions as he wants! He didnt ask any questions throughout the lesson and at the end he said, "wow, all of my questions were answered." He is so great. When I explained the restoration of the Priesthood, he said, "wow, that's cool." AH! I was like I KNOW! haha We added another new investigator named Emanuel from Ghana. I just talked to him when we were street contacting on campus. He said he has been church hopping and wanted to meet with us! The lesson went so well. We havent heard from him since. Students are so busy! 
     Some of you remember Tiffany, the 16 year old we taught in San Lorenzo.. Her parents finally gave her permission to be baptized!!! WHO HOO!! 
     I started the Book of Mormon studying faith!! I look for how the people demonstrate their faith, how they lack faith, how their faith grows, ect. I have learned so much and have LOVED studying this way! I recommend picking a topic and studying a BLANK Book of Mormon this way.
     My heart is just so full of gratitude for the gospel and the restored truths we have. I am eternally grateful for this short precious time I have to share it with His children here. I am happy & healthy & blessed.
Love love love
Sister Brinton

Pumpkin Ice cream

Bye Sister Fetzer :((

Korean Food called Bim Bu Bap

Exchanges with Sister Mikkelson and Housekeeper

I love California


Exchanges with Sis Contreras and Shkapich

Some YSA Members

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