Monday, September 26, 2016

Master Healer

We had another wonderful training. I was studying for it one morning after I prayed for guidance and the Restoration really stuck out to me. I knew we needed to refer to/teach the Restoration more in the Visitors Center. We teach it on the street and in peoples homes, why not in the VC? We get caught up in the exhibits about families and the Book of Mormon, which are both great. BUT we need to emphasize the Restoration in our teaching. It is our unique message to the world, brings the Spirit the quickest, and will touch our visitors' hearts! The training went really well. All of the sisters loved it and it brought the Spirit so strong. It was just kind of like a bright light bulb that went off in our minds like, DUH! Why havent we been doing this before. I am so grateful for the Restoration of the gospel. What a wonderful blessing. I cant wait to see how this brings the Spirit even more into our tours! 
     Davion, the cute boy I taught in Oakland 9th ward finally got baptized!! YAY! We also had a great Zone Conference! I cant believe how fast time is flying.
     Mitchell is doing better little by little! Addiction is scary and real and one of Satan's strongest tools. I have watched it destroy lives, but also seen the Atonement begin to loose Satan's grasp on these people. The commandments are here to keep us safe and happy. Elder Nielsen took Mitchell to the baptismal font and it brought a strong Spirit that helped him strengthen his desire to keep fighting for freedom and baptism!
     We added an incredible new investigator this week! His name is Mauricio. The Spanish sisters street contacted his dad and then met him later at his house. He came to the Visitors Center and was so touched by the Spirit. He said, "This is just what I needed." I cant wait to see how the gospel changes his life! Miracle.
     The General Women's Conference was wonderful. I loved the messages of faith, hope, and charity. "Our faith in Jesus Christ enables us to meet any challenge." YES! I cant wait for Conference this week AAHH! I LOVE Conference. I am so grateful for our leaders and their words. I know they are men of God and they love us. How wonderful that we have this opportunity! :)
     I am looking forward to another great week. I love being a missionary. 
     I want to share something beautiful I studied this week. The word forsake means to quit or leave entirely. 

"Therefore they did forsake all their sins, and their abominations, and their whoredoms, and did serve God with all diligence day and night." 3 Nephi 5:3

     Forsake your sins. Don't look back. Depart from them. Not one foot in and one foot out, but e n t i r e l y. Have a change of heart. Abandon. Flee. I love this. They did forsake ALL their sins! They served God with ALL diligence. I want to apply this to my life. I encourage you to do the same. We will be happier. We will be filled with peace and joy that only comes from living the gospel of Jesus Christ and applying the words of scriptures and living prophets.

Sister Brinton

PS Sorry all of my pictures are of me with food!
District activity


District Activity

Ice Cream!


Car Full of Sisters for Zone Conference

Tristan and Chloe came to visit

Our member Ayla!

Davion's Baptism



Zone Conference

Lunch with the Chinese Sisters and Brother! haha

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