Saturday, December 31, 2016


I am tired.
haha I cant believe Christmas is over! It flew by. What a wonderful experience. I loved being at the Visitors Center surrounded by lights and trees and music and love. We saw so many miracles this Christmas season. People just walking in and filling out referral cards. The Lord leads those who are prepared to hear the gospel to the Visitors Center. I felt the Spirit and the Christmas spirit so strong all season! Christmas day we had a wonderful morning at the Berkeley ward with half the congregation wearing footie pajamas singing hymns. Then I got to facetime my family!! YAYY!! Tears. I love them. They are everything to me! They made me laugh and cry and we had the best time together.
It will be nice to be back to normal life with exchanges and lessons, etc. 
We got transfer calls and.............
Sister Chiang and I are staying together!!!!! In Berkeley!!! This will be our 4th transfer together. We were not expecting this at all, but we are so so excited. So, this is her last transfer! She will die in Berkeley! We are excited to work hard and see the miracles that the Lord has in store for us.
My trainer, Sister Harper, goes home on Wednesday. We are getting two new sisters in the VC and two are going full proselyting! 
Christmas break ends mid January so all the students will be back in town!
I am happy and healthy and so so grateful to be a part of this work. 
I wont talk to you until next year, 2017!
I spent this entire year, 2016, as a full time missionary, dedicated to the Lord. What a sacred and unique opportunity that I will never forget. It has changed me, stretched me, caused me to exercise my faith and patience, caused me to grow closer to my Father in Heaven. I know He loves us SO much we can't even believe it.
I would love to share something I read this morning. 
Ether 12:41 "Seek this Jesus"
cross reference to
D&C 88:63 "Draw near unto me and I will draw near unto you; seek me diligently and ye shall find me."
I LOVE THIS! Moroni tells us to seek Jesus Christ, and we are led to a scripture that tells us that if we seek Him, we shall find Him. This has been the case in my life. As I have turned to the Savior, sought him out, sought to be like Him, sought to keep His commandments, sought to read His word, I have found Him. Turn to Him. He is there, with arms outstretched. He will never leave us comfortless, He will come to us. He is real. He is ours. I love Him.
I love you! I couldnt be happier or more grateful.
Sister Brinton
Momma's homemade chocolate covered almonds



Holidays at the VC

Oakland Zone Sisters

Sister Herbine at the Christmas Party

Elder Hyde our Zone Leader hahahaha

The assistants to the presidents


Sister Costa

Sister Lee

Sister Hsiao

Sister Contreras

My favorite Person on Earth

Oscar is on the end and Avery is next to him


Merry Christmas from the Oakland Temple

Chop Sticks from Hong Kong

Ramen with James and Emily


Bishop Sherwood and his family

Visitor Center from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm

Long Days at the VC. 

Skyping with my family!!!!!!

Bro and Sis Simpson