Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Light the World

     We started our Visitors Center schedule where we are at different stations with different companions every hour! It is wonderful and hectic and beautiful! I love all of the sisters. We had 1000 visitors on Saturday!! The lights are officially up and everyone is coming with their families and wards! The new video (Christmas.mormon.org) is so beautiful and powerful!! I love presenting it and bearing testimony of the Savior. It is so easy to invite people to ACT after watching that video.
Jesus Christ is a perfect example of serving others. We invite you this Christmas season to #LightTheWorld and to serve others as Jesus did.

Daniel finally got back to us! He finished his training for his new job and said he wont miss church again. And he got a new phone. So we are back in business!! 
Mauricio got in a car accident and hasnt been able to meet.
Oscar is doing well!! He is reading and praying and coming to church. 
I am sorry I dont have much to share today. 
I am so grateful to be a missionary at the most wonderful time of the year.
This will be my last Christmas spent as a missionary. I am so grateful that I can focus on what matters MOST. 
     We taught the Plan of Salvation to someone with no religious background. We taught him simply that because Adam and Eve partook of the fruit, we have to obstacles to overcome: sin & death. We can't go back to live with our Father in Heaven unless we overcome them! So that is why we have Jesus Christ. Without Him, we would never be able to repent. We would be stuck in our sins. Without Him, we would never be able to live again. We would be dead forever. He was uninterested and wanted to know where in the Book of Mormon it says the plan of Salvation. Who the heck cares where it says it. If I was hearing this message for the first time, I would be jumping for joy!!!!! Here we are sharing the most beautiful message in the world. Literally! The message that we have a second chance! A message of hope and life and light! I was just sad that he wasn't as happy as I was about the Plan of Salvation hahaha. I wanted him to know the joy and hope and peace he can have because of this beautiful sacred plan from a loving Heavenly Father. Oh how I am grateful for this plan that helps me to make decisions and see the bigger picture and appreciate the Savior. Oh how I am grateful for Him. 
     The gospel changes lives. It has changed mine.
I love you. 

Sister Brinton
Sister Nielsen, Neves, and Ward

Setting up for Christmas

Thanksgiving dinner at the YSA Bishops house!

It felt good to be in a home with a family.

Sooooo much food!

This is a problem

Abi and Akshana


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Welcome to East Oakland

Yummy Indian Food

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