Monday, November 7, 2016


 Another week has flown by!! I cant believe I am sitting here typing again.      
     Elder Nattress's visit was wonderful! It was so special to hear his testimony. He focused so much on the Savior and our callings as missionaries. It was so uplifting and powerful. One thing he said that really stuck out to me: He was visiting a mission and one of the missionaries asked him, "So what is it like to be a special witness of Christ?" (referring to his calling as a Seventy), and Elder Nattress responded, "You tell me." I love that! So powerful!! He is called to represent the Savior, but so are we!! I love my calling. It is humbling and powerful and empowering. We dont have to be a Seventy or a full time missionary to be a special witness of Christ. We are ALL special witnesses of Christ. We covenanted to be when we were baptized and we re-covenant to be every single Sunday.
     Daniel was doing so well. He bought his own QUAD from the distribution center! He has great questions and his faith is growing so much. We taught him the word of wisdom and he agreed immediately. Then he randomly texted us that he had found what he was looking for and thanked us for the lessons, but he will be discontinuing the lessons. We were SHOCKED! We did not see this coming at all! We tried to talk to him about it but he was confusing and vague. We think he thinks all the Christian churches are true. I had literally just said a prayer to end my fast for HIM when he texted us this. It hit me really hard. I cried and was so frustrated. My heart just ached for him! This was a huge test of my faith. I will keep you updated, but as of right now, we arent teaching him anymore :( The Lord loves all of His children. It is not God's will for Daniel to drop us, but it is God's will for people to exercise their agency and find the truth for himself. Now isn't Daniel's time, but when he does finally join, he will be a faithful member with a strong testimony of the Savior. I am grateful for the opportunity I had to teach him, even if it was just a seed. I am grateful for for trial because it has helped me turn to the Lord in prayer for comfort and guidance. It is hard not to blame yourself. It is hard not to doubt. But Faith dispels all fear and doubt. So I choose to have faith. 
     Mauricio couldnt come to church because he has work but we will meet with him soon. 
     We had a great lesson with Oscar!! We were able to give him a direct commitment to read and pray if the Book of Mormon is true. He shared a great experience with us where he was really worried and stressed about a test that he had just taken, that he couldnt focus on studying for the next test! HE asked one of our members to say a prayer and afterwards, he was filled with peace and relief! We were able to testify to him that this was Heavenly Father answering his prayer through the Holy Ghost. 
      We are excited to see many more miracles this week. I love this interesting quote:
"Charity is patient, kind, and content. Charity puts others first, is humble, exercises self-control, looks for good in others, and rejoices when someone does well." Jean B Bingham
I love you
Sister Brinton
zone activity

Zone activity lunch

Christmas lights going up!!!

Elder and Sister Nattress

mission tour with Elder Nattress

1st mirror selfie on the mission

This cute place called Val's

Cleaning on Halloween night

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