Monday, April 25, 2016


Hello!! :)
 We had another beautiful week. Full of miracles and success and joy. This is beautiful work and there is no where else I would rather be!! I love everything about serving a mission and being a missionary.
  The weather this week has been absolutely beautiful! We ate lunch outside at the park every day! I cant get enough of it! :)
  We had SEVEN investigators at church! This is the most I have ever had on my mission! So exciting and beautiful. AND Tristan passed the sacrament! AH! I felt like a proud momma haha.
  David's baptism is this Saturday at 6! Please keep him in your prayers. He might be the cutest thing on earth. This will be a special day! Cant believe we only met him a little over a month ago! He is an example of someone who is just so ready and willing, someone who hears the gospel and just knows its true! Like the people of King Benjamin when they said they had no more disposition to do evil, but to do good continually. LOVE.
   We got a text on Friday night that the Visitors' Center is officially open!!!! WHO HOOO!! Finally. I cant wait to serve up there on those sacred grounds and see miracles miracles miracles. They are just WAITING! I can feel it! 
   We got to teach the lady from Mongolia, Javzaa! We called the friend/translator, Altan, and did our very best. It was pretty chaotic. It took us about an hour and 15 minutes to get through the Restoration. We would teach a simple principle, then we would be like okay translate! and they would talk for a while, but we didnt know what they were saying. I dont know. It seemed okay. He said she understood everything but then proceeded to tell us that he doesnt really know the gospel in Mongolian so he gave us his friends number who does. SO we are going to try again on Tuesday. At the end of the lesson I asked Altan if he could tell her that we loved her and he said, "oh sorry we dont really say that in our culture so that would be weird." I said, "too bad just do it." I think he told her and she smiled and gave us a hug so thats good :) 
   The night after the piano concert two weekends ago, the Nielsens, a senior couple from Roosevelt, Utah who serves up at the Visitors Center with us, went over to the VC to turn off the lights and lock up. There was a family standing outside the VC. They said, "Oh are you closed?" Elder Nielsen hesitated (because it wasnt officially open, it was past hours, and we werent supposed to let people in) but he did was Jesus Christ would do and he said, "Come in." They ended up showing this Hispanic family of 5 around the Visitors Center for an hour and they were SO interested and went to church with them the next day. This family is the Castellanos. 
   They found out that they live in San Leandro, which is right next to our area, but just outside of it. BUT we got permission to teach them because we are sisters duh. So one night we met up with the Nielsens and went to teach this beautiful family. They are new to the area and are looking for a church to raise their family in. They opened the door and let all 4 of us into their apartment. They were dressed up all fancy, wearing dresses and church clothes, and make up! I have never had anyone dress up for a lesson! SO sweet. So there is the mom and dad, then they have 4 kids, one of which is 8 years old!! We taught the Restoration and it went so well. The Spirit was so strong and when I invited them to be baptized, the mom said, "of course." AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! In those moments you try to act calm and reserved, but inside you are frrreeaaaking out. So happy. They are so golden. They know its true! You can see it in their eyes. They came to church on Sunday, despite some car troubles they had. Already faithful. It has been my dream to teach a family!! That is what they encourage us to do! Teach families. 
   We had two lessons with Ben this week. He is SO awesome. So sweet and sincere. A few things from the lesson (We run to the car and write these down so we dont forget):
- "I saw some missionaries in North Carolina just like you two sisters, but they never talked to me. Maybe it's because I wasn't ready!"
- He told us that he knows this is the true church because of the Spirit he has felt.
- "Man, I wish I could have had this feeling in North Carolina."
- "I had some doubts about being baptized," my heart sank, "but after church on Sunday and our lessons, I know I want to be baptized."
- In his prayer: "I know you'll guide me on my journey to be baptized. Thank you for the sisters always being there for me. They taught me that you will always love me."
    I died. He is so cute. His baptism is May 7th! Next weekend! And so it Mothers Day! :)) 
   When we serve in the Visitors' Center, we have a few hours where we teach people online and answer chats! I answered the chat of this one man named David. I had to go so I got his email so we could keep in touch. We emailed back and forth a little. Then the Visitors Center closed for two months. When I got back on, I had this email from him from way back in February!

Hi Emma,
I know its been a while since I have written back to you two and I apologize. There has been so much happening since we last talked. I have been readying, studying and praying for an answer to all this. God does work in mysterious ways and knows whats in our hearts and he knows what I need. I was at work the other day when the lord gave me his answer. His answer came upon me so fast and it made me feel so calm and warm and I knew right then and there that the Holy spirit was in me. I have never in my life ever felt like God was right there with me. I'm so excited, all the time I have spent in church wanting some kind of spiritual uplifting and never feeling anything. I know now that being introduced to the Book of Mormon was in Gods plan for me and people like you where used by him to help me. My gosh Emma even as a I type this it feels so wonderful to express how I'm feeling. The Book of Mormon is true and I know the gospel is true and I do so want to live it. I feel born again through the Holy spirit and I know that this will bring me closer to Jesus and through him to the Father. I am so thankful that this happened to me and I feel so blessed that God has revealed to me the true path to his salvation. I know that there is a lot to learn yet but I am going to move forward in my journey and surround my self with people who can only lift me up. Emma you have been such a blessing to me and I put so much value on what you say so thank you so much. I hope to hear from you again. 

   We have been emailing back and forth and baptism is on the way! Beautiful. Missionary work all the way around the world through technology!
   Well I am happy happy happy. No complaints from San Leandro! Thank you for all of your love and support and prayers and fasting. Please know how much I love you and am grateful for you. 
   The Savior lives. He LOVES us. He is coming so soon! Let us be faithful and pray without ceasing. 
Sister Brinton!
Balut (Egg with a fetus)
Last District activity
Bye Elder Meier!

We love the park

Gorgeous Weather
Teaching center at the visitor center

I was SOOOO cold so Elder Nielsen (One of the Senior couple) let me borrow his coat 0:)

Ali, Gaby's daugher

Tristan working at In N Out

In N Out with the Nielsens :)

Visitors' Center is officially open

Go Warriors

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