Monday, March 28, 2016

Spring is in the Air

Hi Hi
   Spring is in the air. Tulips are everywhere. The sun is shining bright along with our smiles and spirits!!! Happy Happy Happy
 We had Zone Conference this week, but instead of doing it with a few zones combined, we did it with just our zone! It was nice to be more one on one! We received a training on short and powerful lessons. Instead of going into their home, chatting, going through every detail, the Spirit starts to leave, you get off topic, end the lesson, keep chatting for 10 minutes. We were trained to go in, get started, go briefly through the pamphlet with power and testimony so they feel the Spirit, invite them to do something, pray, and leave while they are still feeling the Spirit. They went into more detail and it is SO powerful!! Sister Fetzer and I tried it out for one of our lessons and lets just say it is going to take some practice because our lessons are a lot longer than they should be. BUT we will work on it!
  Easter was wonderful and happy and peaceful. We got to go to this amazing performance called the Lamb of God, which is a choir/performance with characters depicting the Savior's life! It was so beautiful. I gained a whole new perspective on Easter and the Atonement and His Resurrection this Easter as a missionary that I hope to carry on throughout my life! My love and appreciation for Him is growing deeper and deeper every day! 
  Tristan was baptized!!!!! It was stress-free and I got to give the talk on baptism. The Spirit was so strong and he was the happiest I have ever seen him. His whole nonmember family came to support him!! I love Tristan. 
  The womens session of General Conference was powerful! All about service. Really touched my heart and motivated me to work even harder and forget about myself! One thing I loved that President Eyring shared was that he was trying to "fit his little part into His great composition." The Lord has a huge, beautiful, grand plan and we are His hands here on the earth, just trying to fit our tiny little part into His great composition.
  We had our first lesson with Rob and it went well! David accepted baptism! Gaby is doing AWESOME. Tori is doing okay, kind of starting to slip. Teenagers are hard (lol I was one like 2 months ago)
  TRANSFERS! Sister Fetzer is leaving! She isnt going too far. We will still be in the same district!! I am staying here in San Lorenzo (YES!) and Sister Benosa will be my companion! I serve with her in the Visitors Center. We are really really good friends and I LOVE her to death. We have both been looking forward to being companions our whole missions! She is teeny tiny so cute Filipino. I guess I get along with Asians because this is my third Asian companion haha. I will miss Sister Fetzer but I am so happy to be staying and so excited for Sister Benosa to come here! I have been in this zone my whole mission! I am also so happy that I get to be here when the Visitors Center re-opens late April. 
  In the Book of Mormon, King Zeniff passes the throne down to his son, Noah. Thus comes the reign of wicked King Noah. 

"He did not keep the commandments of God, but he did walk after the desires of his own heart." Mosiah 11:2

  This is interesting to me because it implies that he didn't want to keep the commandments. He did what HE wanted, not what GOD wanted. For a righteous prophet it could say, "He kept the commandments of God, and he did walk after the desires of his own heart." The natural man is an enemy to God and His commandments. The natural man is self-centered, prideful, stubborn, ect. If we followed the desires of our "natural-man" heart, we won't want to keep the commandments. It takes time, training, self-discipline, humility, prayer, ect. to WANT to keep the commandments. I hope "the desires of [my] own heart" will be keeping the commandments and being righteous and faithful. 
  Come up with some questions or concerns that you have this week so you can bring them in your heart and mind to the Lord while you watch General Conference. He will answer your prayers. He will calm your fears. He will bring peace to your troubled life. He will bring clarity to your mind. And all of this through his chosen apostles and prophets. They are speaking His words. It's as if Jesus Christ were there at the pulpit, speaking to us!! Seriously!! He is the head of this church and these men and women are his mouth piece! Having a living prophet on the earth today, President Thomas S Monson, is a HUGE manifestation of God's love for His children. He will never leave us alone in the dark not knowing where to go or what to do. He gives us a prophet to show us the way! And to remind us that He loves us and that He LIVES. He does live. Thank goodness. 
Happy Spring! Smile! Serve! Love! Lift!
Sister Brinton
District Hike

Zone Conference

Our zone
Our ward mission leader, Bro Broberg and his precious son

A fun wall in downtown Oakland

One of my favorite members Sister Davis!
Asians can sit like this. I can if I have something to hold onto. I'm learning the Asian ways.

Easter eggs

Sports with our Zone - outside rugby

Tristans Baptism

Tristans family

This was on the back of what I was cutting out. hahaha

succulents everywhere
Tristan and Chloe

Elder Meier and Elder Lui

Happy Easter

Sister Palu
Sister Benosa

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