Thursday, January 19, 2017

Happy Week

We had a happy week! I got to go on exchanges with two sisters. I love exchanges because we learn and grow so much! We see so many miracles. We set a baptismal date with Oscar for February 4th! YAY! He is still praying about it. David is doing well and both of them came to church. We got a referral from of a Chinese girl who had met missionaries in Utah in June. She is half way through the Book of Mormon. We set up a time to meet with her and she asked if her boyfriend could come. OF COURSE! We taught in Chinese because he doesn't speak English, so whenever I taught, Sister Chiang would translate it into Chinese. I couldnt resist taking that picture of them, sitting so close on the couch learning about Jesus Christ for the first time. I taught them how to pray, then said, "We would like to say a prayer together right now." She lept to the edge of her seat and clasped her hands together and said, "REALLY?!" It was literally the cutest thing I have ever seen. She was so so excited to pray. I DIED. That made me think, "Do I feel like that about prayer?" It was so beautiful to see prayer from their perspective. You mean we can talk to God??? Whenever we want? And He will listen to us?? And even ANSWER us?? We had to pass them off to the Chinese missionaries but I am so grateful I got to have that experience. 

     We had a lot of time to talk to people on campus, now that school is starting back up! Although we dont see much success from talking to people on campus, we are planting seeds and the Lord sees our hard work. Also, it is worth getting rejected 399 times to find the 1 person who accepts the message of the Restoration. We still meet a lot of Atheists and people who say confusing things. The Spirit is not there because what they are saying isn't true haha. I am just like what in the freak are they talking about. Then we talk about the Restoration and everything is crystal clear. 
     I am so grateful to be a missionary. I love it. We have exchanges this week and a few great potentials I am excited about. 

     "Fill your mind with truth, your life with service, and your heart with love." 
President Thomas S Monson

Sorry for the lame email!
I love you!!
Sister Brinton

Security Guy named Jeff

After campus contacting in Berkeley

Fattest Squirrel in the world

Fenton's with Emily!!!

Sister Chiang teaching a Chinese couple! I couldn't resist taking a picture

Dancing on Berkeley campus!

Exchanges with Sister Smith

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