Friday, August 12, 2016

Sister Hsiao

hi hi hi!! :) 
What a c r a z y but w o n d e r f u l week.
I had to say bye to Sister Taylor, but she is home safe and sound!
I got to be companions with Sister Muench for a day while I waited for my new companion. While I was with her, we set a baptismal date with Earnest - August 7th! But later that week he freaked out at us and told us to never mention the word of wisdom again... so we will see how that goes! We are meeting with Joseph on Wednesday! Other than that, we need to find some new investigators!
    My new companion's name is Sister Hsiao (pronounced like shower, but just show). She is from Taiwan, Taichaung! I met her on Wednesday. They do this fun, suspenseful thing where we go up and tell why our area is the best, then they do a drum roll and say who our new companion is! My heart was RACING. Sister Hsiao jumped up and gave me a big hug :) I love her! She is so kind and loving and fun. We are great friends already. She served for 5 months in Taiwan waiting for her visa, so she is an experienced missionary!! She loves the work! Not really what I was expecting, but everything is great! She has that new missionary FIRE. She is so happy to be here for her "real mission." At the end of each of her prayers she says, "Heavenly Father, we are so love you. In the Jesus name, Amen." haha I love it. I am so excited to work hard with her. 
    We did a mission fast this weekend for our 400 goal. We are almost half way! 
    In our Visitors Center training, something really touched my heart. When the Lord asked Nephi to build a ship, instead of saying, "Who me?! Oh no, no way. I dont know how! Please not me," he said, "Where can I go to find ore to make tools?" I LOVE THIS! I need to keep this in mind as I am asked to do hard things by the Lord. Instead of saying that I am inadequate or unworthy or the multitude of excuses that we seem to come up with, I need to trust the Lord and go to work! He asks me to do something and I need to say, "Okay! Put me to work! Where should I go? What should I do?" I want to have FAITH like Nephi. I want to trust the Lord like Nephi. Not pride, thinking I can do it on my own, but trust and confidence and optimism! I have tried to apply this into my missionary work and I have found added strength. He helps me to my knees in the morning to pray. He walks arm in arm with me as I knock doors and give tours. He hugs me before I hop in bed. I am so grateful for Him. This is His work. What a beautiful opportunity we all have to be a part of it. Oh sweet the JOY!
     I know Jesus Christ lives. I know this is His gospel. I know Heavenly Father hears and is dying to answer our prayers. He loves us. The Book of Mormon will lead us to happiness. Keeping the commandments will keep us safe. Families are forever. Thomas S Monson is a prophet. The gospel is simple and beautiful and has changed my life. I love being a missionary. I love sharing these simple messages with people. They can tell it makes me happy, because it does!
  One of my new favorite quotes by President Uchtdorf:
     "The effort to throw off traditions of distrust and pettiness and truly see another with new eyes - see each other not as aliens or adversaries but as fellow travelers, brothers and sister, and children of God - is one of the most challenging while at the same time most rewarding and ennobling experiences of our human existence." 

Sister Brinton

Deja and Davion

Bye Sister Taylor :(

My new Companion Sister Hsaio

Sister Hsiao

Zone Training Meeting

Yay for Chick Fil A - I haven't had it in Forever. I almost cried!

Teaching English at the Chinese class

She is SO Asian

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