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    All Christmas Eve morning I had butterflies about face timing my family!!! We had a practice for our performance that morning and I was freaking out the whole time. It FINALLY ended and I RAN in to face time them. I was shaking I was so nervous and excited, tissues in hand, at the ready. I called and they answered right away and it was waterfalls of tears from then on. Happy tears, sad tears, laughing tears, missing tears, spiritual tears. They are SO cute. It went by way too fast. It was the most special and wonderful Christmas present I could ever ask for. I love my family with my whole heart. I was so happy to hear my dad's new joke:

Why did the snow turn yellow?
Because Elsa had to let it go

  My heart ached as we said goodbye, but it was the most special moment. Although we are far away, this experience is bringing us so much closer and I am so grateful for these sacred moments I wouldn't be able to have otherwise! 
  Christmas Eve and Christmas were wonderful here at the Visitors' Center. We got to perform a musical program and eat and be all together with the sisters and senior couples. Our music program involved some narration and different hymns and songs and things. We sang this beautiful song called This Jesus This King and I can barely get through it without crying!! I love the power of music and the fact that I can bear testimony through song!! I felt so much love from friends and family and I can't thank you enough. It was definitely one to remember :)

Do you see this child the prophets foretold 
at rest in his mothers loving hold?
Do you hear her sing a sweet lullably,
"Sleep, baby Jesus, don't cry."
This child, Jesus this king, we bring Him our offering.
This child, Jesus this king, we worship Him now and sing.
Shepherds and wise men fell down at His feet,
angels rejoiced with praise. 
God's plan of love for us all is complete.
We come now to Him and bring,
We bring our hearts to this child our king

   Saturday morning we were sitting in the car about to go in to the Visitors' Center and the phone rang. Sister Harper grabs it and looks at me, "It's President." We answered it and he kindly asked Sister Harper if she would be willing to be a Sister Training Leader. Both of our eyes welled with tears as she accepted the call. We hung up and emotion filled the car. We sat there for a while then we shared a very special moment. She expressed some of her feelings and I expressed mine. I was HONORED and truly, truly humbled that I had her as my trainer. Being called as a Sister Training Leader your 5th transfer is absolutely unheard of. She was trained, then the second she was done getting trained, she trained me, and the second she was done training me, she got this call. A STL is like a girl version of a Zone Leader. Usually you don't become a STL until you have been on your mission for a while. I dont know what I did to deserve her, but I am SO lucky to have had her as my trainer. The Spirit was very strong as we expressed these emotions and told each other thank you and that we loved each other and offered encouraging words. Overall, I was just so humbled. She is clearly an incredible missionary and is meant to be a leader. I am so grateful that I was able to be a small part of her journey!! I cant believe it's over! 
  We got a call Saturday night telling us where we were going and with who!! I am going to San Lorenzo with Sister Zhong (pronounced jong)!!!! San Lorenzo is just a neighbor to San Leandro! I will still be at the Visitors' Center part time! I have met Sister Zhong a few time and she is AMAZING. She is from mainland China, probably 4 feet tall, bangs, glasses, broken english, ADORABLE. She goes home in March! She is a Visitors' Center, but she has been training a sister in a full proselyting area, so no VC. I have only heard good things about her. I have heard  that she is incredibly hard working and incredibly obedient. We are shotgunning the area, which means San Lorenzo is getting two new sisters instead of one sister staying and one new one coming in. We will both be new!! She will be the senior companion but I will be the driver (nervous). Oh man I was just overcome with peace when I got this call. I am SO so excited!! It will be a change and an adventure for sure!! I am ready to get my lazy butt kicked into gear and learn something :) No but really, I am excited to be companions with an experienced missionary attacking a challenge!! I have a ton to learn and I know she will help me grow! I will be in the same Zone as my last district, so that will be fun to be with some of the same missionaries I have come so close to. Sister Harper is going to Berkeley to a YSA ward! She will still be in the Visitors' Center too, so I will still get to see her a ton :) 
     We have been preparing our area book and info for the incoming elders to get a good start on our area!!! We said bye to our ward on Sunday. Everyone was making jokes about elders coming in. Bishop was like, "Now I know why our ward had to switch to 12:30, because we wont have the Sisters here at 9 am to be our sunshine!" So sweet. I loved my ward and will miss them dearly, but HECK let's go to San Lorenzo!! 

"What shall I do then with Jesus which is called Christ?" Matthew 27:22

    This is Pilate asking the people, and they respond "crucify him," but President Frandsen made a beautiful metaphor. So, we celebrate Christmas and Christ's birth and it's wonderful and special and exciting. When Christmas has passed, what are we going to do about it? What are we going to do with this beautiful gift that has been given to us? What shall I do with this Jesus which is called Christ? Christmas isn't just one day then it's over. We receive the gift, then it's our job to USE it throughout the year. Apply Jesus Christ into your life. He doesn't disappear with all the lights and stockings and candy and presents. He is always there. I hope I can show my gratitude for this precious gift by remembering Him and trying to be like Him by applying his precious Atonement every day of my life! He is the best gift we could ever receive! 

I cant wait to write and tell you how transfers went and how happy I am!
Love Love Love
Sister Brinton

ps Happy New Year and Happy Birthday to my sweet Porter and Ellie 

Fun surprise to see Riley Warren:))
and Hannah Pointer :))
Alifua family in San Leandro ward
Sister Muench
Sister Resendiz
Sister Diaz
Sister Tam I LOVE HER

Three generations. Sister Jorgenson trained Sister Harper and Sister Harper trained me :)
Sister Chen

Merry christmas!!
Nana sent me this darling dress my aunt Sara made!!
Sister Payne and Sister Williams
Brother and Sister Simpson
Bishop Wheuler (pronounced Wheeler)
haircut before...

Christmas blanket!!
Last district meeting!

The Richards!!

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