Saturday, September 19, 2015

HI from the MTC!

  HI HI HI from the MTC! Wow haha I cant believe this is real. So, I AM WONDERFUL!
  My Dad told me right before I left that a lot of people think they are better than the MTC and just think "lets get this over with and get into the field." He said, the MTC is wonderful and you should dive right in to get the best of it. And that's exactly what I did. Thanks Daddie, I love you.
   My companion's name is Sister Ankeny (ain-ken-ee). She is from Arizona and she is going to the New York Rochester Mission and the Hill Cumorah Visitor's center!! She is a convert of the church and was baptized A YEAR AND A HALF ago. She is seriously the best example of faith! It's hard enough going on a mission after being raised in the church, let alone only being a member for a year and a half. So awesome!     

   I love my sister training leaders so much and one of them is from Oakland! Their names are Sister Sorenson and Sister Manoa! Our zone is awesome! All the elders here are literally 2 years old haha and all the sisters are grandmas. Its hilarious. Our zone has three pairs of elders and they are like little babies. I am like aaawww you are so cute like every second, they seem like my baby brothers. I cant tell if they laugh at me because I am funny, dumb, or scary but we are always laughing as a zone!!! 

   Sorry this letter is so scattered, this is the most stressful hour of my life. We went to yoga yesterday (Adelide are you proud) at 6 am and kick boxing today!! (Dad are you proud) It has been super nice to wake up and work out, it helps me wake up and feel ready for the day!! 

"My name tag had a red dot on the first day and EVERYONE would say "welcome to the MTC."
Like literally every person. Some people were sincere but most were like a HA kind of thing.
So I was extremely excited when I graduated and got to take off the sticker."
   The air is cool and crisp, I can feel Fall and it is wonderful. These mountains are SO beautiful. They are spotted with colored leaves and I know me and my Dad would just sit here and admire them if he was here. It feels like girl's camp here haha like the dorm part I guess. Kind of weird. I put up a picture of my family and the Savior right next to my bed as soon as I moved in. My best friends.

   My teacher is really outgoing and loud and silly, but can bring a strong spirit. He is great!! I am learning a lot a lot and we are doing lots of role play and lots of praying and lots of studying. I love it. My zone leader told us something that I love. He said make sure you find something every day to make you laugh or make you smile. I love that. That guy that hid from the picture is him, Elder Cranny. So I found out that I will be in the MTC for three weeks and the third week I get to go to Salt Lake Temple Square for two day trips!!! I AM SO EXCITED. 
   Saying bye to my family was sad for like 3 seconds, but I was so ready to go. When they put my name tag on, I was so happy. I just touch it and look at it all the time. I was so sad when I realized that I had to take it off to go to bed, so I slept with it right next to my pillow haha I am so weird, BUT I AM SO HAPPY. 
   So I am not sure if it just hasn't hit me yet or what, but ever since I put that tag on at 12:30 on Wednesday, I have been so happy. I am kind of like waiting for the hard part. Everyone says, "Oh yeah the first few days are rough, just make it to Sunday." But I am so happy. I love my class. I love the mountains. I love dressing up every day. I love my name tag. I love my companion. I love only eating fruit for all my meals because the food is gross. I love walking up to the 5th floor where my classroom is to be obedient and not take the elevator. I love sharing a tiny room with 6 girls I've never met. I love waking up 5 am and rolling onto the floor to pray. I love writing in my journal. I love the cool crisp air. I love my watch. I LOVE MY NAME TAG. But most of all, I love the Spirit. It has been with me ever since I step foot in here. It is wonderful. I am so happy. I just smile all the time. It is unreal what the Spirit can teach you if you pray pray pray. I have learned so much. We had a wonderful meeting with our branch President, his name is President Laney. He is hilarious. He is silly and witty, but sooo spiritual and pumps scripture references like there's no tomorrow. I had the incredible opportunity to bear my testimony to him of how I decided to go on a mission and I was OVERCOME with the Spirit as I testified to him that I knew I was supposed to be here and there is no where in the world I would rather be. Me and Sister Ankeny got assigned as Sister Training Leaders last night. I don't know what that means yet, but I am happy! One thing that all of my classes have brought up is this (talking about investigators) "How does the Lord view this person? What does the Lord want for this person?" I LOVE THAT. It helps up focus on the investigator and viewing them the way the Lord views them. We are only instruments in His hands. We do not do the converting. The Spirit does. I just love that. GUYS I've only cried like once and it was because of the Spirit, SERIOUSLY impressive for me because I am such a spaz and cry baby. 
   I seriously apologize for how scattered this is. I am typing as fast as I can. 
   We had this awesome Orientation on Wednesday where we sang Army of Helaman. TALK ABOUT POWERFUL. I could hardly sing. Instead of saying "And we will be the Lord's missionaries.." We sang "And we are now the Lord's missionaries." SO awesome. We talked about being a Christ-centered missionary. We also talked about serving two masters and having one foot in and out foot out of our mission. It was so powerful and I committed again to the Lord right then, that I was His. I gave Him my heart and I am 100% committed, 100% willingly. There is nothing I would rather do and nowhere I would rather be. 
   Thanks for your sweet note you left in my suitcase. It made my day. Thank you for everything Mom. I would seriously die without you. You guys should see how she packed my suitcase, I am so nervous to unpack it because I know I will never pack it the same again haha. But seriously, thank you. 
   I love my new shoes. My pictures by my bed. Sister Serr and Sister Casey are the girls in the picture of the group of girls. They are so sweet! We all feel so old compared to the boys I cant even tell you. They are so young. 

Yoga was fun. Me and Sister Ankeny in our class. And of course the beautiful temple with the beautiful mountains. I haven't had the chance to go in yet, but SOON.
   I haven't read any emails or letters or anything yet. I just hurried and wrote this so
   Thank all of you for all of your love and support. I would not be here without you. I can feel your love and prayers. I love all of the advice you guys gave me and try to implement it into my life daily. I AM SO HAPPY. A little too happy haha I think I'm crazy. Everyone is so stressed and stuff, and I am totally fine. I think it's because I just waited for so long for my call and I was just so ready!! I still have a lot to learn and I know it will get hard, but for NOW 
I could not be happier.
Eat Chickfila for me :))))))))))

love love love,
SISTER BRINTON :))))))))))

ps I cant wait to write next week.

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